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About Me

Due to the depth of my sadistic interests, extensive prior discussion and searching for like-minded slaves near to me and far away from me is highly necessary prior to any mutual meeting for play. The slave's masochistic outlook and love of pain are a critical component to complement my sadistic interests.

I have been involved in the BDSM world (casually and in a personal capacity only) for 12 years now. Through all that time, I've learned (about myself) that while the sexual pleasure is wonderful, it doesn't compare to juxtaposing sadistic pain and sexual pleasure. One component mutually heightens the other. Furthermore, while one can get sexual pleasure from any hooker around, finding someone to connect with on a deep pain/pleasure level is something else entirely (especially the pain).

My specific sadistic BDSM kinks are along two complementary paths (from my religious upbringing and amateur historical interests):

1. Extreme flogging/scourging/whipping (impact play), usually leading to bloody wounds (instead of just redness, welts, and/or bruises), and
2. Crucifixion (with both nails and/or ropes :) ).

I have dabbled in the interests described above many times over the past 10 years, but am searching for a long-term BDSM slave with whom I can engage in those interests to progressively greater levels of pain and bloodiness. The thrashing of the submissive under the whip, her moans/screams, her wrists struggling against the bonds, the blood streaks down the back like red paint on an artistic canvas, etc., is an erotically/sexually arousing visual, auditory, and kinesthetic stimulus. I have many pictures (that I am willing to share) of my whips and cross that I built for such sessions. As a note, sexual pleasure is not a requirement of this BDSM partnership, but it can be discussed if you are interested.

While I do enjoy such degrees of sadism, I am not trying to be threatening. Safe words are required, session details are thoroughly discussed and adhered to, and I do have extensive experience as an Emergency Medical Technician to render any first aid and emergency medical care (in addition to aftercare).

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