SSC: Safe, Sane & Consensual


All participants must be of legal age and provide informed, voluntary, and ongoing consent for all activities.
Safety measures, such as safewords and communication protocols, must be established and respected.
Participants should be well-informed about the risks and potential dangers associated with any BDSM activities and take steps to minimize those risks.
Properly maintained and clean BDSM equipment and toys should be used to prevent injury or infection.
Communication is key. Participants should openly discuss boundaries, limits, desires, and any concerns with their partners before and after scenes.


All participants must be in a sound state of mind and free from impairing substances such as alcohol or drugs during BDSM activities.
Mental and emotional well-being should be a top priority. If at any point a participant feels their emotional or mental state is compromised, they should communicate their concerns and consider stopping the activity.
Consensual BDSM activities should be a source of pleasure, satisfaction, and personal growth. It should not be a source of trauma or distress.


All activities within a BDSM scene or relationship should be consensual. Consent is ongoing, revocable, and specific to each activity. At any time, any participant has the right to withdraw their consent and stop the activity.
Consent should be enthusiastic, clear, and communicated freely by all parties involved. Participants should be aware of their boundaries and feel comfortable expressing them.
Safewords or other communication signals should be established to indicate when a participant wants to pause, slow down, or stop the activity. These signals should be respected immediately.

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