Online Dominatrix and Slaves


A Dominant can request a slave do become His/Her property.

Once a slave is owned by a Dominant, the owner will be able to:
  • See the slave's activity - (when and with who the slave have been sending messages, sending gifts, doing sessions, buying services, buying contact details). But won't be able to see the content.
  • Prevent the slave from sending messages to other Dominants
  • Prevent the slave from sending gifts to other Dominants
  • Prevent the slave from doing any sessions with other Dominants
  • Prevent the slave from buying other Dominant's services
  • Prevent the slave from buying other Dominant's contact details

There are only 3 ways a slave can free itself from the Dominant's ownership:
  • The owner voluntarily agrees to free the slave
  • The slave can request to be freed it its owner's account has been suspended or the owner has not sent any message for more than 14 days
  • By posting a humiliating picture of itself on the Public Square begging its owner forgiveness for leaving Him/Her

The Dominant will harvest financial and fame benefits from His/Her slaves activity. See Fame for more details. Dominants will have priority to reviews their slave's "Surrender Now!" challenges if they are available, and benefit from the reviewing fees. Dominants with higher ranks can own more slaves, from 3 for the lowest rank, to 12 for the highest rank.

As a slave please understand and think carefully before to accept an ownership request. DO NOT accept an ownership request from a Dominant you have just met. Always make sure that you both agree on the terms of your ownership before to accept.

Slaves cannot accept ownership requests the first 7 days on the website.
Browsing profiles
Dominants can browse submissives' profiles. Submissives can browse Dominants' profiles.
Dominants profiles with a green check
have been fully verified using an ID document.
Dominants profiles with an orange check
have been partially verified: the biological gender and the approximate age of the Dominant has been verified by requiring a picture with a specific gesture.
Verfifying one' profile is FREE.
Sending messages
Verified Dominants can send messages to any submissive. Unverified Dominants cannot send message and are required to verify their profile before communicating.
Submissives may reply to Dominants freely, but will need permission from the Dominant if they wish to initiate a dialogue. Permission can be obtained by:
  • Starting a Pictures/Videos session with the Dominant
  • Purchasing one of the Dominant's Online Services
  • Purchasing the Dominant's permission to speak
  • Waiting for the Dominant to initiate conversation

A submissive may not be able to send messages to a Dominant if the slave has an owner who does not allow it.
Verified Dominants can send pictures or videos as gifts to submissives without restriction.

Submissives can send credit, pictures or videos as gifts to the Dominants. Each gift requires a minimum tribute of $1 in order to prevent wasting the Dominant's time.

If a gift is sent to a Dominant who fails to accept it within 24 hours, the gift value will be recredited entirely to the submissive account.
Personal Contact Details
Slaves can buy Dominant's personal contact details directly from His/Her profile if they have chosen to share it. Slaves need to pay the price set by the Dominant.
Online Services
Slaves can purchase Dominant's Online Services on Slave Market.
(For example a slave could purchase a 20 minutes video call session with a Dominant)

1. When a slave purchases a service, the credit will go to a trusted intermediary, not to the Dominant's credit directly
2. The slave is permitted to cancel the service and receive full credit until the Dominant confirms that He/She will be able to deliver the service.
3. Once the slave validated that the service was delivered by the Dominant as expected, the Dominant's account will be credited.
4. If the Dominant has completed the service but the slave has not validated it within 15 days (and has not opened a dispute), the service will be considered as validated and the Dominant's account will be credited.
5. If the slave and the Dominant disagree on the delivery status, it is possible to open a dispute and let the Slave Market team rule on the final status

Some Online Services require the slave to buy the Dominant's contact details first.
Online Sessions
Dominants can offer online sessions to submissives for free or for the price they deem suitable. Submissives can request online sessions from Dominants at the price set by the Dominant.

During a session, the Dominant will send pictures or videos assignments to the submissive. The submissive should respond by providing picture or video evidence of themselves performing the assignment given.

The pictures/videos should always display the handwritten name of the Dominant to prove that it was taken/recorded specifically for the Dominant.

If the picture/video is not deemed satisfactory by the Dominant, the assigmnent will be rejected and the session stopped.

In case of a failed assignment, the submissive is given the chance to redeem themself by financially compensating the Dominant using credits on the Slave-Market website, and accepting the adequate punishment. The session may then resume.
Dominants can upload rewards for their submissives in the form of pictures or videos. The rewards can be available for all sessions (uploaded from the Dominant's account), or assigned to a specific session (uploaded during an online session).

The Dominant will assign a number of points to each reward. By adequatly completing assignments during a session, submissives will earn points and be able to unlock the Dominant's rewards.

The amount of reward points for each assignment is equal to the price given to the assignment. Points are accumulated through each session independently.
Public Square
You can access the Public Square from here.

  • The Public Square is a place for slaves to be put to shame in public or Dominants to be worshipped.
  • Only users with an account on Slave Market are able to access the Public Square and post new pictures.
  • Posted pictures will be displayed immediately, but Slave Market reserves the right to remove any illegal content, without refund (pictures illustrating children, pictures showing contact details, pictures posted without the consent of the person etc...).
  • All users will be notified on their profile page when a new Picture is posted on the Public Square
  • Slaves are encouraged to visit the Public Square to be able to assess more daily skills
  • Only the 4 most recent pictures are displayed on the Public Square. Each new posted picture will remove an older one.
  • The price for posting a new picture depends on how much time has passed since the previous picture was posted. Starting at $50, and getting $1 cheaper every hour, down to $1. This ensures that the images remain visible a good amount of time.
Submissives can select the items that they own (ball gag, candles, dildo etc...) and that they are able to use during sessions by editing their profile. In doing so, the Dominants will not send the submissives assignments requiring items that they do not possess.
Skills Assessment
Submissives can assess their skills through the assessment section, accessible from the top menu. 5 skills can be assessed for free daily. Each skill acquired will increase the submissive's score in the related categories.
Surrender Now!
Submissives can choose to surrender to a higher power right away!
When joining a "Surrender Now!", the submissive will choose:
  1. Its level of submission (how difficult the task will be)
  2. What items are at its disposal
  3. How much credit to lose if it is not able to do the task properly
Once started, a random task will be assigned to the submissive who has 72 hours to complete it by uploading a video/picture of itself performing the task. Now the submissive has no other choice but to do the task in order to get its money back!
As soon as the task has been completed, it will be reviews by a Dominant of the desired sex available (priority will be given to the owner of the slave if available). Each Dominant's review will cost you $2, deducted from your bail.
If the task is accepted, the remaining amount of the bail will be credited back to the submissive account (minus the request author commission) and it might receive a little reward
If the task is rejected or not completed in time, the submissive will lose the credit.
Slaves Auctions
  • Only slaves with a fame higher than 1000 can be put on auction.
  • A Dominant can auction one of His/Her slave, or a free slave can auction itself.
  • A Dominant can only auction slaves that He/She has owned for at least 7 days.
  • The price to launch a new Slave Auction is $20.
  • You can choose the minimum number of days the auction should stay open (between 1 and 30) and the minimum acceptable price.
  • Only Dominants whose gender is matching the slave's preferences are allowed to bid at the auction
  • If a bid is placed less than 12 hours before the end of the auction, the auction end will be delayed to always keep a minimum of 12 hours between the last bid and the end of the auction.
  • If there is no bid during the course of the auction, the slave's ownership status will remain the same. The auction fee will NOT be refunded.
  • If there is at least one bidder, at the end of the auction the slave's ownership will be transfered to the highest bidder.
  • If the slave was put on auction by its owner, the credit amount of the highest bid at the closing of the auction will go to the owner of the slave. If the slave was free and auctionned itself, the amount of the highest bid will go to Slave Market. Slaves will NOT get any financial benefits from the auction.
  • For slaves purchased through Slaves Auctions, the price to free themselves by publishing on the Public Square will always be at least equal to twice the purchase price paid by their owner during the Slave Auction.
  • New Slaves Auctions will be reviewed within 24H before to be published.

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