How does it work?
  • New contests will start each months, according to the following schedule:
    • From 1st to 10th of the month: Registration phase - Slaves can enter the contest
    • From 11th to 20th of the month: Voting phase - Slave Market members can vote to elect the winner
    • From 21st to the last day of the month: Results phase - Display of the results
  • A slave can choose to enter in a contest by itself or a Dominant can choose to enter one of His/Her slave in a contest.
  • A slave can only enter once per contest and per month.
  • A slave can enter the same contest for different months.
  • A slave can enter multiple contests the same month simultaneously.
  • Only slaves with a minimum rank of "Cotton collar" can enter a contest.
  • The subscription fee for a contest is $5, paid by the person who registers the application
  • To be accepted, the picture or video submitted should display a handwritten sign with "For Slave Market contest - [Month and Year of the contest]":
    • The slave is allowed to hide its face in the picture/video
    • The submitted pictures/videos will go through a review process by the Slave Market team who will make sure they answer all the requirements before to be published
    • Invalid medias participations will be refunded and canceled. It is possible to submit a new application before the end of the "Registrations" phase.
    • The username of the participant should NOT be displayed on the picture/video.
    • Once submitted, participations can be canceled but will NOT be refunded.
  • Only Slave Market members with a minimum rank of "Cotton collar" can vote in a contest.
  • Voting in a contest earns 25 for the voter.
  • Only one vote per contest is allowed.
  • If a contest does not have a minumum of 2 participants at the end of the "Registrations" phase, it will be canceled and the participants will be refunded.
  • Each vote for the slave participation will earn the slave and its eventual owner 25.
  • If there is a draw at the end of the voting phase, the winner will be the first registered participant.
  • The winner of a contest and its owner (if the owner is the one to register the slave or has owned the slave the whole month) will both earn an extra 5000, and the slave will win an award.

Welcome to the Slave Market BDSM Contests. Here, slaves can compete monthly on various BDSM-related themes by submitting pictures or videos showcasing themselves in their finest moments or performing specific tasks, with the aim of winning a prestigious Slave Market award!
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