Master Switchy in France Lyon

Master Switchy

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Male, 21 yo
France - Lyon

About me

I will make you my bitch and you will love it !

Je ferai de toi ma pute et tu vas adorer !

This Master offers real sessions

Where do you have sessions?

My place or your place
Chez moi ou chez toi

Whare are your requirements?

We have to agree beforehand
On doit se mettre d'accord à l'avance

What are the equiments you have available?

Je n'ai pas de matériel

What are your activities interests?

I love to humiliate and use sexually
J'aime humilier et utiliser sexuellement

What are your prices?

We can negotiate that according to your submissiveness and motivation
Nous pouvons négocier le prix en fonction de ta servitude et de ta motivation

Worship Me


My fetish dream

Price: 10$ (refunded on success)
Time: 12 hour(s)
Nb of requests: 7

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I will use you like my little fetish doll


If you succeed I will allow you to masturbate

Items needed

You will need women's underwear, socks, and shoes