Master SKyLight

Male, 38 yo
United Kingdom - Swindon

About Me

Hello, I'm SKyLight (SKL). Sir or Master are for those who serve me.

I am seeking loyal submissives and slaves who are ready to dedicate themselves to serving me. I enjoy dominating and engaging with fellow kinksters. Whether you're interested in play or just want to socialize, I'm happy to connect.

Feel free to message me to discuss sessions and services. I'm open to everyone, regardless of gender or budget. We can tailor our interactions to your individual kinks, limits, and available toys, ensuring a safe and non-judgmental environment where your wishes are respected. Together, we'll bring your fantasies to life.

Official Ownership must be earned with obedience, loyalty, and hard work! So, be good, my little bitch!

Some of my kinks include: sissy play, humiliation, degradation, chastity, CBT, self-bondage, orgasm denial, and ruined orgasm. For proper service and better communication, I prefer to discuss these in DMs.

My hard limits are non-negotiable: no drugs, animals, minors, incest, scat, or needles.

I'm also a gamer hehehe, so if you want to play video games with me, let me know. I can kick your ass there too.

I will assign you tasks on a daily or weekly basis and provide feedback on your performance. While one-time sessions are welcome, I prefer building exclusive relationships with my slaves. The better I know you, the better I can dominate you.

Looking forward to connecting with you.

Dominate Regards
Sir SKyLight

❌ Don’t send unsolicited pictures/videos! Ask me first if you can.
❌ Don't make me spend hours arranging a session, if you're not going to follow through with it.
❌ No time-wasters, No rude horny subs. I know you're horny, but the lack of manners is a turn off.
✅ SEAF: Safe, Ethical, and Fun.
✅ SSC: Sane, Safe, Consensual.
✅ SSC: Sane, Safe, Consensual.
✅ RACK: Risk-Aware Consensual Kink.
✅ CCC: Committed, Compassionate, Consensual.
✅ CCCC: Caring, Consent, Communication, Caution.
✅ BARK: Boundaries, Agreement, Respect, Knowledge.
✅ PRICK: Personal Responsibility, Informed, Consensual Kink.
❤️ Sissification/Sissy play
❤️ Humiliation & Degrading
❤️ Chastity
❤️ Forced orgasm, orgasm denial and ruined orgasm
❤️ CBT, pussy torture
❤️ Spanking
❤️ Sensory deprivation
❤️ Bondage
❤️ Discipline
❤️ Anal
❤️ Body writing
⛔ No Drugs
⛔ No Animals
⛔ No Minors
⛔ No scat
⛔ No Needles
⛔ No Incest
⛔ No Permanent marks


My Services

How does it work?
We use the escrow system (trusted intermediary) to prevent scams

1. When a slave purchases a service, the credit will go to a trusted intermediary, not to the Master/Mistress credit directly
2. The slave is permitted to cancel the service and receive full credit until the Master/Mistress confirms that he/she will be able to deliver the service.
3. Once the slave validated that the service was delivered by the Master/Mistress as expected, the Master/Mistress account will be credited.
4. If the Master/Mistress has completed the service but the slave has not validated it within 30 days (and has not opened a dispute), the service will be considered as validated and the Master/Mistress account will be credited.
5. If the slave and the Master/Mistress disagree on the delivery status, it is possible to open a dispute and let the Slave Market team rule on the final status

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The Guidebook


Do you want to know my expectations? Use the Guidebook to see if you're ready to serve me.

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