Master MistressNamaka

Male, 23 yo
United States - Salt Lake City

About Me

I am male to female transgender! Wanted: a male sub/slave, you/it should be between the ages of 20 and 40, fit, proud, eager, and willing. Willingness, obedience, and a tendency towards obedience and truly having a heart of servitude are qualities I seek. Am looking for the man who is ready for collaring and long term relationship. Lack of experience is plus, as I can mold you to fit my needs ,a desire to workout and eat well can be the factor that is most important.

Looking to train a male in protocol and flow into living a Dom/sub lifestyle. 24/7, TPE, domestic and sexual.. From stretching your hole while you're tied down with a ball stretcher and nipple clamps on being paddled to management of the house, you'd be the submissive and management of home would eventually be your responsibility. You will experience my cold harsh sense of discipline, high expectations, play to loving and caring moments to be shared. Whatever evolves in this relationship will remain within the walls of a defined BDSM relationship that is defined by the both of us. Unless we are at an event.When taking on a slave your welfare is my responsibility , including the physical, mental, and spiritual.

This portion is taken from someone else, but he put my expectations in words so well I had to borrow. With me you are submissive, which means flexible, secondary, selfless—used, and available when want, how I wish, and quiet, self-managed, and self-amused at other times as I want. But to others you will be respected as my slave , you will never be presented as subhuman and will be called by your first name. You will not be shared with other Doms or couples to be disciplined or even enjoyed, unless as punishment. I am your discipline and you are my enjoyment. This does not mean certain fantasy’s would not occur but would only occur under my supervision.

Would appreciate a dating period with a chance to really get to know each other including a contract that would be written with your input than moving into a more permanent situation with collaring. Honesty, care, servitude, devotion, obedience, and honor are characteristics that are required. At home and in certain situations you would be nothing but my slave, always knowing that you are prize something that has no price but a lot of value..

There is an expectation that you work or pursuing a dream by going to school. You will be part of this house and at certain point your contributions are going to be appreciated and expected. .

.Look at my profile and send Me a message if you're interested. When messaging me, write Me about you. Where do you live? Who with? Do you work or go to school? What do you do? What do you look like? Age? BDSM experience? Dom/sub experience?` your wants/desires? your thoughts about this ad and My profile. Anything else you think would be suitable for Me to know or you'd like to share?

My Services

How does it work?
We use the escrow system (trusted intermediary) to prevent scams

1. When a slave purchases a service, the credit will go to a trusted intermediary, not to the Master/Mistress credit directly
2. The slave is permitted to cancel the service and receive full credit until the Master/Mistress confirms that he/she will be able to deliver the service.
3. Once the slave validated that the service was delivered by the Master/Mistress as expected, the Master/Mistress account will be credited.
4. If the Master/Mistress has completed the service but the slave has not validated it within 30 days (and has not opened a dispute), the service will be considered as validated and the Master/Mistress account will be credited.
5. If the slave and the Master/Mistress disagree on the delivery status, it is possible to open a dispute and let the Slave Market team rule on the final status

20 minutes of degrading and humiliating


At the agreed time, I will humiliate you and degrade you by requesting ridiculous photos of you slaves to show my friends. I will also request you ...
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