Master Johnsmiththedom

Male, 22 yo
United States - Lincoln
Orgasm Control
Orgasm Denial

About Me

I am a young master looking for a submissive slut that wants to be given tasks. I am generally a kind and caring man but I can be strict and cruel if I want to be. Behave and you will get the gentle side of me. Misbehave and you will receive discipline.

My Services

How does it work?
We use the escrow system (trusted intermediary) to prevent scams

1. When a slave purchases a service, the credit will go to a trusted intermediary, not to the Master/Mistress credit directly
2. The slave is permitted to cancel the service and receive full credit until the Master/Mistress confirms that he/she will be able to deliver the service.
3. Once the slave validated that the service was delivered by the Master/Mistress as expected, the Master/Mistress account will be credited.
4. If the Master/Mistress has completed the service but the slave has not validated it within 30 days (and has not opened a dispute), the service will be considered as validated and the Master/Mistress account will be credited.
5. If the slave and the Master/Mistress disagree on the delivery status, it is possible to open a dispute and let the Slave Market team rule on the final status

Coin toss punishment game


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dice game


You will roll a dice and perform an action to the corresponding number you will perform 20 rolls and send video or picture proof that you completed...
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Slave application


You will become my slave either permanently or temporarily and will have to contact me daily via snap chat which you will receive. You will be able...
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Male coin toss game


This is a coin toss game specifically for males as my last one was specifically for femalesThe rules are the same flip a coin and preform a task de...
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Male dice roll game


A dice rolling game specifically for male slaves as my last one was specifically for female slaves. You will roll a dice and perform a task that co...
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