Master Jaybird25

Male, 25 yo
United States - Cincinnati

About Me

I am looking for a pet who wants to be under my control.

I will treat you as a pet. If you misbehave I will punish. I will give you attention on a regular basis like a pet. I hope to find someone who wants the attention of a master exciting and fulfilling. While I will use and abuse you how I see fit, I will take good care of you. I will make sure you get some sort of treat and that you are happy one way or another. Although at the end of the day if you truly want to serve me you will serve ME and do as you are told. Punishments will happen when needed and sometimes justifying that need comes from my own desires.

When you message tell me your kinks, limits, and your availability because I’m going to get everything I can out of you and maybe more.

My Services

Master Jaybird25 does not offer any service yet...

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