Master Humiliator

Male, 44 yo
Italy - Milano
Water sports
Mind control
Anal training
Cock Worship
Partner Training
Sub training

About Me

Hey slave, welcome.

I am strict and capricious, but also caring and understanding. I am excellent at discipline, conditioning and manipulation.

I accept straight men and women slaves.

First time subs/slaves are generally accepted after an initial chat. Then you are going to get ready for an immediate task.

Unfortunately for you, I give zero fucks of whether you are married, have kids or have partners, even less so what job you do.
My routines and tasks will need to be completed on time and without mistakes, or you’ll pay.

I don’t scam, relax; although beware that some payment is required. I’m not expensive
since I get a kick out of dominating your pitiful life and owning your pathetic genitals.

My kinks range from life changing mental manipulation/conditioning, anal and throat training, trash/toilet, humiliation (public also if you like), degradation, piss, joi. I’m reasonable tho. Feminization for men is a must and non-negotiable. What are your kinks?

My Services

How does it work?
We use the escrow system (trusted intermediary) to prevent scams

1. When a slave purchases a service, the credit will go to a trusted intermediary, not to the Master/Mistress credit directly
2. The slave is permitted to cancel the service and receive full credit until the Master/Mistress confirms that he/she will be able to deliver the service.
3. Once the slave validated that the service was delivered by the Master/Mistress as expected, the Master/Mistress account will be credited.
4. If the Master/Mistress has completed the service but the slave has not validated it within 30 days (and has not opened a dispute), the service will be considered as validated and the Master/Mistress account will be credited.
5. If the slave and the Master/Mistress disagree on the delivery status, it is possible to open a dispute and let the Slave Market team rule on the final status

First Time subs/slaves - initial chat


If you’re interested in finding out about BDSM, this is your chance. I’ll hear your story, and decide what’s best for you. 80% of first timers fail...
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Tasks and Routines - a week of control


After an initial discussion, we will set rules and you will consent to a week of training. I aim to make you into a better person, by playing with ...
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