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Profile Picture

For the picture to be accepted you need:
  • To be wearing clothes (no nudity)
  • To be standing on your knees
  • To have your hands behind your back
  • To lower your eyes
  • You can choose to show or hide your face
Try to look appealing for your Masters/Mistresses...

Your Skills

I want you to strip naked and clean the floor.
I want you to open your mouth so that I can put whatever pleases me inside.
I want you to tell me what parts of my body look good and what parts don't.
I want you to go out with me without wearing underwear.
I want you to be a policeman and treat me badly.
I want you to lick my feet.
I will spank you if you do not call me Master/Mistress.
I will tie your hands and feet to make you helpless.

Your Items

Tell us which items you have and can use for your online assignments


  • Do you agree as a slave to surrender your will and body to the Master/Mistress, and give the Master/Mistress ultimate authority over yourself?
  • Do you agree as a slave to seek only the pleasure of your Master/Mistress by following his/her every commands?
  • Do you agree as a slave to always do your best to please the Master/Mistress or to endure the consequences?
  • Do you agree as a slave to assess your skills as often as possible through the Slave Market skill assessment?

Yes I agree...
Yes I also agree to the Terms of Use, am over 18 years old and understand that this website is only for consenting adults