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Male, 48 yo
United States - Atlanta
Boot worship
House slave

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Curiosity has finally got me. What began as listening to several femdom audios has now grown to a strong need to do this(at least try). I'm looking for a mistress who can make me feel like her property/servant and treat me as such. Generally my availability is mid-week, evening/late/overnights. When necessary I will take time off for a proper mistress to attend to her needs.
17 days ago

Due to significant changes in my life I haven't had the opportunity to play on SM as much as I had initially. As much as I had wanted, not having my house to myself anymore dampened those plans for weeks. That is until I had a small window which allowed me to request (beg) for an impromptu session to submit myself. I didn't realize how much I missed the domination placed on me (just typing it now is making me swell). Although I know it's not a thing I can do as I please any longer, Mistress Gail took me and allowed me to edge for her amusement and gave me proper discipline in corner time.  I'm grateful that she was available and willing when my free time presented itself. 

46 days ago

I have been told I am a "pleaser". I honestly didn't realize that was a title subs/slaves carried but I accept this. It made me feel good to know my servitude can be a pleasing thing. 

50 days ago

I have to say when I signed up for this site I had my reservations. Every other site I saw of "similar" themes were loaded with scammers and basically 2- 3 minutes into meeting anyone they'd immediately rush off into "pay me now" without any reassurance anything would come of it. Here I've felt more comfortable, the site seems to at least make the effort for security and any gifts purchased here I did because the giftee deserved it. I can honestly say I don't regret a single cent I've spent here. It might not have been life changing money used but it was still mine and I became happy to gift where needed and deserved. 

57 days ago

There are times I wonder "how did this become a thing in my life?" The journey into this is quite unique. 

68 days ago

I'm getting a much better understanding of this site but still, there's so much to learn here and what to do. I'm not sure how the "Surrender Now" thing goes so I decided to put up a easy pose of submission (if anyone wanted to try). Curious how this plays out. 

76 days ago

How does one create balance between this and the real world? Yet another thing I have to iron out. Given that my schedule is mostly overnights and anything important I need to do has to be crammed in the mornings , carving time out isn't easy but I suppose if I want it bad enough I'll find a way. 

78 days ago

I'm learning quite a bit of the lifestyle. A very giving mistress, Mistress Gail, has provided me with quite a bit of information to digest. I had no idea there was so much into this. I have quite a bit to study! 

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